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Lemon Orange Layer Cake

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Lemon Orange Layer Cake

Every spring, I crave all of the fruit-flavored cakes– and this DELICIOUS scratch Lemon Orange Layer Cake is a new favorite! If you like citrus, you’re about to fall in love.

Homemade orange curd and orange cream cheese frosting are sandwiched between three layers of lemon cake, and frosted with orange cream cheese frosting in this heavenly dessert!

The Orange Curd filling is a new recipe for us, and is bursting with lemon and orange flavor thanks to the orange and lemon zest as well as freshly squeezed orange juice! Altogether, this is the PERFECT cake recipe for spring and summer entertaining! 

 If you’re looking for Cakes for the celebration.  At The Canadian Crunch Bakery, we are cake artists with a love for creating the sweetest part of your celebration.