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Strawberries Cake

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Strawberries Cake

Everybody needs to make this amazing Strawberries Cake at least once (and then you’ll want to make it again and again). It is such a moist and flavorful cake.

Valentine’s Day was on our minds when we decided on this Champagne and Strawberries cake recipe, but it would also be perfect for so many other occasions including engagement parties, New Year’s Eve, 21st birthdays, or any time when a celebration calls for something a little more sophisticated and special. 

While this recipe is similar in some ways to our The Canadian Crunch Cake recipe, this time we are using plain in the batter as well as small bits of sliced strawberries and strawberry extract.

To bring in even more flavor, we’ve also lightly infused the finished layers with a delicious simple syrup.

The strawberry is a classic favorite for special celebrations, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and more. I have to say that in cake form, it is even better! 

At The Canadian Crunch Bakery, we are cake artists with a love for creating the sweetest part of your celebration.